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The NexOpt-multimodal gateway is the only system on today’s market that can unlock your assets full monitoring and driver behavior potential. Individually tailored to suit your business needs, NexOpt has the ability to grow with your business.


​Backed by 25 years of engineering and production experience with additional electronics for engine control systems - we have the background, experience and working knowledge to provide you with greater monitoring, control and reporting functionality than traditional telematics programs. 

We have been working with customers in construction, forestry, farming, trucking and general contracting for over 25 years. We understand the need for reliability and a common sense approach to how choose to manage and monitor your fleet.

Customized Solutions

NexOpt understands that every business has individual monitoring, reporting and driver behavior requirements. No matter the size or the variety of your assets your need a flexible, manageable and reliable solution.

Our approach is to work with you to analyze your requirements and provide you with a customized solution; giving you the features and functions that you really need. The number one goal while developing the nexopt-multimodal gateway was to collect the most useful aspects of modern telematics and rethink their traditional method of data collection and delivery.  

The nexopt-gateway is the result of years of research and development conducted by STEINBAUER Engineering. This self-contained unit houses all the necessary hardware components required to monitor, analyze and transmit essential asset data to the customer.


The entire electronic is manufactured in-house at our Austrian Headquarters near Linz. By designing and manufacturing our own hardware, the nexopt-gateway is more flexible and has a longer life cycle than traditional telematics hardware. 

- Prevent and monitor the misuse of vehicles

giving you the hard facts to retrain and educate your team

- Reduce overall fleet costs

by monitoring and analyzing useful data 

- Implement additional safety features

putting the control of how your fleet is used back in your hands

- Adopt vehicle parameters specific to your needs

monitoring of key systems to allow your team to function safely and efficiently


- Optimize wear and tear of vehicles

data is the key, understanding how your fleet is used gives you the power to optimize their use

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