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Compliance Monitoring

The future of compliance monitoring and reporting is on our doorstep. The Nexopt gateway alleviates the need for unnecessary testing and development costs associated with using companies that don‘t have a background in understanding and working with modern diesel engines and their control systems. 


NexOpt offers a fully functioning and working OBD data reporting solution. Our background in aftermarket engine control systems, enables our team  to go beyond what traditional compliance monitoring companies can offer or need time to develop.


​Our NexOpt gateway offers endless possibilities for regulatory reporting and enforcement, we are able to access and report not only on J1939 and J1979 standards but we have the knowledge and background to go even further, to dig deeper and report on all vehicle/engine data.


Expertise Only Experience Brings

The world of modern diesel engines is complicated - different manufacturers, engines, horse power ratings, multiple electronic control units, making it difficult to navigate and report this information efficiently and effectively. How to know what to look for and where amongst thousands of line of data, can be costly and time consuming if you don't have the right knowledge and expertise.

The STEINBAUER Engineering team has the experience and real world working knowledge to get your project from concept to completion without the unnecessary development costs that come with learning how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.  

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