Work Fleet Forum


STEINBAUER Engineering is excited to attend this year's Work Fleet Forum in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Haven't heard of us before? That's OK - that's the way we like it. Our philosophy has always been to work behind the scenes to help our customers achieve their goals. 

Our perspective and approach are slightly different, with over 25 years of background experience developing and manufacturing additional advanced electronics for diesel engines. Our team can go beyond that standard OBD protocol and reach into the CANBus and ECU to harness and understand the full capability of your vehicles and how you use them.


We start by listening and asking questions so we can understand your needs, wants, and problems. We then work toward knowing how you work, your challenges, and if the systems you have in place now really work for you.

Success stories? We have assisted many companies over the years with customized projects. Our engineering team ensured that Rosenbauer Fire Engines could meet stringent response times for their Panther 6x6 ARFF, for customers like Changi International Airport in Singapore. The Austrian Postal Service came to us with maintenance costs spiraling out of control; we took a completely different approach to standard telematics/fleet management companies. We analyzed their fleet data, driver habits, vehicle types, weather conditions, and maintenance records to implement active vehicle solutions, saving them over €2 million yearly in maintenance costs. No two fleets are the same, and neither is the solution that works for them. 

One of the main benefits of working with our team is that we design and manufacture everything in-house, from wiring harnesses and PCBoards to the software and hardware design. Our team designs, develops, and produces the components for every project - giving us a considerable advantage in flexibility and market reaction time. It also means that our customers are not paying for manufacturing 'minimum order quantities' that they don't need. 

Our team looks forward to meeting you at Work Fleet Forum - let's see what we can achieve together. 

monitor. measure. understand. take action. 

expertise that only experience brings


The work and projects that we do varies so much, it can be difficult too narrow it down to a specific list. Below is an overview of some of the project areas we have worked with customers on in the past few years. 


  • Monitor & measure existing fleet data to highlight areas of concern


  • Active vehicle control systems (additional electronics from nexoptHub that define strict vehicle parameters: ie: maximum reverse speed, maximum idle time) 


  • e-Vehicle viability analysis and integration


  • Carpool & Lease vehicle booking and optimized rotation


  • Driver safety analysis, planning and active control


  • Maintenance & Repair Cost analysis and action

  • Fleet Utilisation & Management


  • Multi-systems integration - ERP Environment (CRM, Workflow Management, Fleet Management, Telematics, Workshop Management, Car Pool, Human Resource Management, KPI/Crystal Reporting, Sales/Invoicing, Purchasing/Vendor Management, Accounting Interface)

  • Vehicle access control

  • eVehicle battery SOH reporting & planning

  • CARB HD I/M reporting compliance


  • Customized and carrier independant GPS Positioning, Telematics, Fleet Management


Don't worry about formatting - just tell us how it is. Our job is to understand your frustrations, challenges, needs and dreams.


We don't believe in impossible - it's just a challenge we haven't helped you solve, yet.


So click below, send us an email. Let work together on a solution. 


STEINBAUER Engineering is proud to stand behind our environmental sustainability commitment.


All                              products are manufactured using renewable energy sources.