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Supercharger Kit

Transformes the luxury sports car into the ultimate driving pleasure

  • Mercedes SLS and AMG C-Class

  • Not effecting drivability

  • Safety settings remain in place

Extreme Kit

Hilux & Defender

Up to 50% more power and torque

  • STEINBAUER PowerModule

  • Optimized air/water intercooler subsystem

  • Optimized turbocharger & V-Max derestriction (Defender)


Panther 6x6

Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Vehicles (ARFF) with ultimate power

  • Optimized with STEINBAUER PowerModule

  • C15 engine with 550 HP stock to 725 HP 

  • Fully emission compliant


Mercedes-Benz Supercharger Kit

With cutting-edge design, advanced engineering and craftsmanship STEINBAUER has transformed this luxury sports car into the ultimate in unsurpassed motoring pleasure and extreme performance.

Using the latest 3D scanning and design tech-nology our stylish, compact kit has been engineered to perfection to fit seamlessly inside your engine compartment. Designed as a complete “bolt on“ kit and fully reversible system our engineering team has ensured that the STEINBAUER Supercharger Kit delivers true raw performance whilst not effecting drivability. Leaders in intelligent additional performance electronics, STEINBAUER’s Performance Module allows no interference with the original ECU and contains active control sensors that continue to monitor engine safety parameters.

STEINABUER Mercedes Kompressor Kit
STEINABUER Mercedes Kompressor Kit
STEINBAUER Toyota Hilux Extreme Kit

Toyota Hilux Extreme Kit

Crown-Defense Logistics, Ltd (Crown Defense) and STEINBAUER Performance LLC (STEINBAUER) have teamed together to offer an engine performance upgrade kit for the Toyota Hilux 3.0 L turbo diesel engine.  This engine performance upgrade kit allows the Hilux 3.0L engine to generate up to 240 HP, an increase of up to 45% over the stock 169 HP Hilux 3.0 L engine.  Our engine performance upgrade kit includes: an engine electronics subsystem and an optimized air/water intercooler subsystem.


The engine electronics subsystem is a microprocessor controlled STEINBAUER PowerModule that works in cooperation with the existing Toyota Engine Control Module (ECM) to optimize the Hilux 3.0 L engine’s fuel injection for more performance.  The result is a non-invasive solution that, when combined with the optimized air/water intercooler subsystem, generates increased horsepower without requiring any reprogramming of the existing vehicle ECM.

STEINABUER Mercedes Kompressor Kit
STEINBAUER Landrover Defender Extreme Kit

The STEINBAUER Development Team has mastered the next level of performance optimization with this project. The impressive increases in torque and power (up to 50%*) mean pure driving fun and provide enough reserves for any difficult terrain.


A special set of enhancements ensure the maximal performance of the Defender´s 2.4 liter engine 

Land Rover Defender Extreme Kit

STEINBAUER Landrover Defender Extreme Kit

Rosenbauer Panther 6x6 ARFFV

Rosenbauer has been providing fire fighting equipment since 1866. Today with operations in dozens of countries on six continents, Rosenbauer is known as the worlds premier fire fighting supply company.  When Rosenbauer needed more performance from their Panther Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Vehicles (ARFF) they turned to Steinbauer. Extensive development by Steinbauer and Caterpillar of Europe produced a CATERPILLAR C15 that is fully emission compliant with an output of 725 HP. The worlds finest fire truck manufacturer using the worlds best power enhancement module from STEINBAUER.


Given our expertise our engineering team is often called upon to collaborate on special projects.  From diesel locomotives to limited edition Land Rover 4WD’s, fire engines, mining equipment and many others. Our team has risen to the challenge. Have a special project in mind? STEINBAUER is the team to turn your idea into reality. 

STEINBAUER Panther Optimierung / STEINBAUER Panther Optimierung
Rosenbauer Panther Optimierung
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